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About the Book

An easy to follow, step-by-step guide to the skills you need as a sound designer for audio media, the book is designed to allow you to focus on sound independent of visual imagery (film, games). Buy from MIT Press!

 "an impressive and pedagogically brilliant textbook for all of those studying sound design in the twenty-first century. It places the theory and mechanics of sound where it should be: center stage. This book will be an essential guide to students of sound design for years to come"--Prof. Michael Bull

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Nine Chapters

Covering nine up-to-date topics relevant in today's sound market

Chapter One: Hearing and Listening

with scaffolded exercises designed to get the reader to learn different ways of actively listening to sound

Chapter Two: All About Sound

The basics of acoustics and psychoacoustics as they specifically relate to sound design

Chapter Three: Recording

The basics of recording from practical and theoretical/creative perspectives, including exploring microphone techniques

Chapter Four: Sounds in Space

The basics of propagation/reverb and the digital effects used to mimic space and time-related effects.

Chapter Five: Sound Effects

All about tremolo, vibrato, modulation, equalization, filters and distortion effects.

Chapter Six: Mixing

Some of the practical and theoretical approaches to mixing from a creative standpoint, as they relate to mono/stereo files

Chapter Seven: Surround and Spatial Sound

A Basic overview of surround and spatial sound formats from practical and theoretical perspectives

Chapter Eight: Sound and Meaning

Theories of sound and meaning for the purpose of analysis and creation.

Chapter Nine: Sound for Story

Helps the reader to integrate everything they have learned in practical exercises relating to sound supporting story.

Free Powerpoint Slides

Slides to help you follow along with the book, or teach the content.

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Sound Design Exercises

Step-by-step exercises that build your skills over time

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About the Author

With 20+ years of experience working in sound, music and education,
KC Collins has published 10 books about music & sound,
worked on several films and games, and published music software.
She was voted “One of the Fifty Most Inspirational Women in Technology in Canada” in 2018.

Game Sound

Game Sound

A milestone in the study of games, Game Sound: An Introduction to the History, Theory and Practice of Video Game Music and Sound Design

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A feature-length documentary history of video game sound, music and voice acting.

Playing With Sound

Playing With Sound

An exploration of the theory of music and sound in games, published by MIT Press in 2013

Beep Book

The Beep Book

A two-volume set of books featuring interviews with 100 video game sound designers, engineers, voice actors and composers.