Audacity Tutorials

  • attack splice

    Attack Splice

    Learn to splice the attack of one file onto the tail of another file

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    Binaural Beats

    When two sound waves of very close frequencies are played at the same time, the result is what are called binaural beats

  • clipping


    Experiment with clipped audio and learn how to avoid it

  • {{image}}


    Learn how to compress files to minimize the difference between the quiet and loud sounds

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    Data Compression

    Learn about bit rates and compressing files using Audacity's export settings

  • distortion


    Discover different distortion techniques for sound files

  • ducking


    Learn about Audacity's automatic ducking features for voice-overs

  • EQ


    Boost or reduce frequency bands in a sound file

  • echoAndDelay

    Echo and Delay

    Learn the difference between the echo and delay effects in Audacity

  • fades


    Learn how to use fades an create custom fades

  • flanger


    Use flanger plug-ins to alter the sound signal

  • harmonics


    Discover harmonics and the differences between types of waves

  • phaser


    Bring tracks in and out of phase using the phaser effect in Audacity

  • pitch Shift

    Pitch Shift

    Change the pitch of your track using the pitch shift effect

  • reverb


    Learn about the effects of reverberation on your tracks

  • reverse Envelopes

    Reverse Envelopes

    Learn how to reverse a sound file and edit the envelope of a sound file

  • samplerate

    Sample Rate

    Learn two different ways to change the sample rate of a track in Audacity

  • sinewave


    learn how to generate a sine wave in Audacity

  • surroundMix

    Surround Mix

    Learn how to manipulate the surround sound capabilities of your mix

  • fades


    Create the distinctive wah-wah sound using the wah-wah effect

  • filters


    Learn about the different filters Audacity uses to create different effects